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A few little known facts of Austin, TX: 

* Austin hosts the largest urban bat colony in America, with 750,000 bats during spring and summer, 1,500,000 at its peak

* one of the sunniest cities in America with an average of 300 sunny days in a year

* one of the fittest cities in the country with over 220 parks, hiking trails, and bike trials

* also known as one of the most dog friendly with 12 off leash dog parks, and many dog friendly hotels and restaurants

* Whole Foods was started in Austin in 1978

* home to the Nation's first ever serial killer, the 1884 Servant Girl Annihilator

* the Nation's first college mass murder took place here in 1966 by Charles Whitman

there are 10 extinct volcanoes in Austin

* Austin is the only city in the country that still operates a system of lighting structures called the Moonlight Towers, from the 19th century

* the famous movie Dazed and Confused was filmed here

* Robert Plant, Matthew McConaughey, Elijah Wood, and Sandra Bullock all own homes in Austin

* over 200 live music venues including City Terrace, Dell Hall, Kodosky Lounge, Rollins Theatre, West Lawn


A few of the services provided include:
Premastering: We check, modifiy and, if necessary, repairs the data source and downloads the content to the mastering system. Our plant is able to receive data on formats including CD-R, DLT and DVD-R. Our plant also has the capability of receiving CD data electronically, saving both time and shipping costs.

Mastering: 2 Sony Slim HD Mastering systems are used to create up to 100 CD and DVD stampers a day. Measurement devices are used to check all CD and DVD stampers before they are used for replication.

Quality: We use some of the most advance test equipment to ensure all products manufactured by meet stringent specification requirements. We have developed our own quality manual, which is used to ensure quality at all stages of production. This manual is available for review. Our plant is an ISO 9001 compliant facility.

Our CD Replication Services Charlotte plant include:

• Mini CD Replication and Duplication
• Short run CD Replication and Duplication
• Music CD Replication
• Short Run Duplication

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If you should need a short run (under 500 quantity) we can also duplicate CDs and DVDs for you out of our Charlotte, NC plant.


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