DVD Authoring

DVD Authoring Service

Authoring is the step between creation of your video and manufacturing of finished discs. It involves combining materials such as a video, audio and graphics into a medium suitable for viewing on target devices (such as DVD/Blu-ray players and computers). Often, authoring involves creation of an interface or menu, allowing the user to navigate and access different titles easily and conveniently.  Just send us your video, images, text and anything else you want added to your finished DVD disc, and we’ll transform them into a unique, fully-interactive DVD master, ready for replication or duplication.

Charlotte DVD Authoring

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DVD Video discs need to meet certain technical requirements, such as encoding and compression, to play as expected. DVD Authoring is the process of formatting video to meet DVD industry specifications to play on DVD players. Most DVD discs are authored with an interactive menu. This provides users a quick and easy way to navigate the disc and view items they want to watch. Menu-driven DVDs provide a professional touch, greater flexibility, and viewer benefits like 5.1 surround sound, director commentary, motion menus, custom editing, and special cuts.

Run Time
Up to 240 minutes for DVD
Motion intros, transitions, elements and added design features.
Subtitle Tracks
Mitiple languages and Closed Captions.

Authoring Service Options


Basic DVD Authoring Package

  • DVD encoding
  • 1 main DVD menu design
  • 1 sub menu design
  • Play-all feature
  • up to 10 custom chapter points
  • Check disc


Deluxe DVD Authoring Package

  • Includes DVD encoding
  • 30-second motion main menu
  • 1 static sub menu
  • Play-all feature
  • Up to 10 custom chapter points
  • 5 static or motion video thumbnails


Advance services

  • Closed Captioning $250
  • 5.1 Surround Sound $125
  • $5 per additional chapter points
  • Extra Motion Video Thumbnails $10ea
  • Slide Show $75
  • HQ audio
  • Menus
    • Images and elements from your case wraps and disc label art in any of the following formats: PSD, EPS, PDF, PNG, TIF, JPEG
    • Chapter Names and Time Codes (if applicable). A still image can be provided for static thumbnails.
    • Names of any bonus content on disc (if applicable)
  • Video Content
    • QuickTime or AVI - Apple ProRes HQ, Avid DNX100, or Uncompressed (other formats may be acceptable)
  • Audio Content
    • Stereo (2.0) Audio should be included on the provided video file
    • Additional audio tracks for 5.1 surround, commentary or alternate languages can be provided in the AIF or WAV format. Start of provided audio files must match first frame of provided video.
    • 5.1 Audio must be provided as separate files for each channel clearly labeled (Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround, and LFE).
  • Subtitles & Closed Captions
    • Subtitles can be provided as Text Based STL, SON, BDN, DoST, or XML from Final Cut Pro
    • Closed captions can be provided as an .SCC file.
For custom menus, you will receive a screen shot to approve before finalizing the project. You may make one change to the layout and colors of menu options. Major changes or multiple changes are available at an additional charge, and may affect the project completion date.
Generally, if your project track run time is 90 minutes or less, you will be fine with a DVD-5. If your project is between 90 and 120 minutes in length, you may consider either a DVD-5 or DVD-9, depending on the nature of the content. If your project is over 120 minutes, a DVD-9 is highly recommended.
Although it is possible to author your project and place it on a Blu-ray disc, it will remain as a standard definition video (not high definition).